Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FrankieSoundDj - Live Set From Moscow Pt. 2

FrankieSoundDj - SoundWaves Pt. 2 - Live Set From Moscow


It's 2nd part of night in Moscow a great success with one of my best House Music Dj Set...Everybody Dance!!!

FrankieSoundDj - Live Set From Moscow Pt. 1

FrankieSoundDj - SoundWaves Pt. 1 - Live Set From Moscow

Special night party in another beautiful city, as Moscow place of great traditions, great hospitality, and beautiful people...and womans!!!...Here one special party with my dj set house music based with sonic excursion in funky and disco house, with best remixes I done for this unbelievele night...is only part 1...Do you not lose the next too...

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